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< Syka_>
today on irc is syka's blog
< Syka_>
why do printer manufacturers have such shit specs sheets, it annoys me
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< RichyB>
Best article.
< RichyB>
‚The real problem with mobile devices is that they are composed of Satan.‚
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'I mean "drop" in the sense of "to place your touchscreen on any surface that isn't composed of angel feathers and the dreams of earnest schoolchildren."' pffft
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< JustBob>
'...that you will quickly begin to describe using extraordinary and significant profanities that are normally employed by Marines and people who work with radioactive waste.'
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< RichyB>
Never listen to anything that a marine says who has recently been working with radioactive waste
< RichyB>
you'll never fuckin' regain the ability to talk without cursing. You may also be spontaneously struck deaf.
16:05 * TheWatcher takes this opportunity to note Troutman's Sixth Programming Postulate.
< RichyB>
Profanity is the one language all programmers know best.
< JustBob>
Given that I make marines blush when I start swearing while working with radioactive waste... :p
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< JustBob>
Actually, the last time I did, I made the marine run away.
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I'd run away too if the person handling radioactive waste near me was swearing.
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... I read that as "Troutman's Sixth Prostitute".
< JustBob>
jerith - Nah. Running never helps.
I think I need caffeine. And food.
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oh Stallman
< ErikMesoy>
SO MUCH RAGE. DIE IN A FIRE, GOOGLE. DIE IN A FIRE, ADULTERY BUSINESS. I search for 'disconnect single program from internet' and the allegedly related Google ad text popping up above the results is "Do you want to be unfaithful? Are you single and want to meet marrieds?"
If you want to rage at Google, rage at their goddamned search term replacement.
^ that
< AnnoDomini>
I think in this instance, the problems might be the same one. :V
AnnoDomini: no, more likely the advertiser has just bid really highly for search terms including "single" and hasn't bothered to refine things any further
< AnnoDomini>
I see.
Ah, math:
ErikMesoy: can you clarify what you mean? (and on what OS/platform?)
< ErikMesoy>
froztbyte: I found out how to use the firewall to selectively disable and reenable a single program's access to the Internet while leaving everything else connected.
RichyB: Man, this is his best article since his last best article
< AnnoDomini>
gnolam: Derp.
"For example, if I am a gregarious jellyfish, I praise my friends for their wardrobe choices (gregarious) while I repeatedly stab them with my poisonous tentacles (jellyfish)."
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21:12 * Derakon prods his mapmaker script, tries to figure out ways to encourage more interconnectivity.
Currently looks like this:
The navy-colored corridors are shortcuts between regions.
Part of the problem being that unless the map is laid out in a reasonably-densely-packed square formation, corridors will be too far apart to make meaningful shortcuts.
I can enforce a reasonable aspect ratio on the map, but forcing consistent density across it is a lot harder.
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