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< simon_>
I'm trying to think of some good exercises to prepare the use of algebraic datatypes, or more specifically mutually recursive datatypes for abstract syntax trees.
< simon_>
I suppose some kind of evaluator.
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< Harlow>
Is anyone familiar with lists (c++)
As in std::list?
Or as in rolling your own?
...oh hey, I remember you! In what universe is your gaming being easier to modify not a good thing?
< Harlow>
yep, I figured it out
< Harlow>
< Harlow>
ToxicFrog: it's always a good thing while building a game
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< JDelta>
I do linked lists and all that from scratch, I don't know std::list though
JDelta: it's the C++ standard doubly linked list type
< Harlow>
ToxicFrog: When I call list::erase on something, does it run the destructor for it?
Harlow: yes:
< Harlow>
cool good to know, thanks for the link
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21:53 * McMartin starts teaching himself Tkinter. -_-
Not to be That Guy, but... whyyyyyyyyyyyy
Because urllib2 and I don't want it to be pure commandline.
And I don't want it to ship with 14 billion libraries, I want it to be "OK, support, go run this script against that server when it asks"
And I want that to then be "and then fill in this data in the popups when it happens"
So the shortest answer here is "overall it looks like the path of least resistance"
I'd have preferred to write it in Clojure, but then I'd have to deal with both Swing and I'd need to use Maven or Lein to haul in giant chunks of Apache to have a decent HTTP interface.
But since it is, in the end, still basically a script, this is kind of hilarious because it looks like I can chain multiple mainloop()s in sequence.
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... right, also, I think I've now actually managed to bash out what I actually need from these tutorials. All that's left is to test the mockup script on Windows and Mac.
<@Azash> -giant-sized-cryptographic-blunder/
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Hooooooooooooooooooooooooly shit
Pretty much
<@Tamber> Wow. ...holy shit.
Best snarky comment: "The only people feeling smart right now are the people who decided to pirate photoshop."
although that's quoting xkcd.
Just because the comment was from xkcd doesn't make it not the best snarky comment
I am kind of feeling like we need to legislate personal data security measures.
Like, if your company has more than $1 million in revenue per year, then you have to implement a certain auditable process for storage of consumer data.
< thalass>
With a government-run team of snarky nerds to randomly test the security of said companies?
I think massive fines for failure would do.
The cost to Adobe of this is going to be small.
Maybe a few thousands in lost revenue, nothing you could directly attribuet.
If it was in the tens to hundreds of millions range, maybe a flat percentage of revenue...
The problem with massive fines is that they do not scale. Small companies are destroyed by them and large companies pay them out of the paperclips-and-staples fund. There's too many orders of magnitude difference.
You can scale them with revenue.
They don't, generally.
But you could.
It has to be a percentage (and calculating that is a whole other can of worms), or, perhaps, something that makes the board of directors and C-levels suffer directly
I think the EU maximum fines might do this somewhere.
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