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< RichyB> / This is cool as all Hell.
Reiv: I'll get achance to actually do it when I get home.
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ok. Now home, time to see about partition enume... wait, itertools has this, I don't have to write it.
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06:24 * Vornicus undistracts, completes most of the script.
06:24 * thalass typity type
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There. Script done, running...
06:30 * Vornicus set it up to give values up to 50x6
er, 50d6
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06:45 * thalass chuckles
< thalass>
I'm poking away at a dice application in python. :P
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oh right. large polynomial time. ...quintic? Yes.
(in case I was wondering why the high ones were taking a while...)
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<~Vornicus> hTVdNb3c&usp=sharing there's up to 45. Google Spreadsheets doesn't appreciate things this large.
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Reiv_, Reiver: ---^
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< Reiver>
augh Google spreadsheets
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< ErikMesoy>
"Quality Assurance is not the department in charge of the Known Issues list."
< ErikMesoy>
Kinda WTF. (Context: Every update to Dungeons&Dragons Online there's also a publication of the Known Issues list for that update. People complain that they have repeatedly reported bugs which aren't appearing on Known Issues.)
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< Bob_work>
Question: I have 3 items with binary states.
< Bob_work>
I'm trying to find all possible combinations of the three items in their two different states.
< Bob_work>
Shouldn't that be N (number of items) exponent R (states) so that 3^2 = 9 possible combinations?
< Bob_work>
Because if so, I'm missing 1. Can't figure out which.
< Bob_work>
(and yes, I'm counting all off, and all on)
< ErikMesoy>
No, 2^3=8
< ErikMesoy>
(Trivial case: One item with a binary state can clearly be in 2^1 states, not 1^2 states.)
< Bob_work>
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16:59 * Bob_work facepalms
< Bob_work>
That was easy. Thanks!
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20:17 * Derakon mutters at work.
One of our cameras isn't working correctly.
So we asked the vendor for a diagnostic program we could use to test its function.
After several weeks' delay, they sent it to us: some source code, and a 32-bit compiled version that was missing a necessary library and thus could not run.
I examined the code and determined it would be nontrivial to build my own 64-bit version, so asked them for a 32-bit version of that library.
They sent me their install setup.exe.
So I had to install the library onto a random 32-bit computer that doesn't have a camera already hooked up to it, go into Program Files, find the library, and copy it out to the computer that actually has the camera.
And then the program didn't work anyway.
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That's some spectacularly shitty support, there.
It's mostly just borderline incompetent.
It doesn't help that the company is based out of Europe, so there's communication delays anytime you need something from their engineers.
Oh, fun other story about this company.
There's a device called a DMD: Digital Micromirror Display (or something like that).
It's basically a small array of "pixel" mirrors that you can flip on/off to allow/deny light to areas of your microscope sample.
The other lab I'm working with has one DMD from Company A, and another DMD from the company I was just complaining about (company B) from immediately after they acquired Company A.
Company A provided some compiled libraries with zero documentation, then got bought out and functionally ceased to exist.
So to get that DMD working, the lab had to extract strings from the library to get function names, guess at the required parameters, and figure out how to arrange memory to address the pixels correctly.
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(The fact that they managed this at all is seriously impressive)
To get the DMD from Company B working...well, they sent along the sum total of all their source code related to working with the device, which consisted of a single function to send a new pattern to the device. And they said "Hey, if you make any improvements to this, we'd love to see them!"
< RichyB>
Is there some kind of systematic reason why vendors of scientific hardware suck hairy goat balls at supplying drivers?
Yes, actually.
A lot of this stuff tends to be bleeding-edge and with a relatively small audience.
Using DMDs in microscopes is pretty close to a brand-new concept.
The vendors are happy to collaborate with the labs on making a functional product, but that tends to mean that the labs get devices that don't actually work~
(Our own lab spent over a year going back and forth with another vendor to try to get an SLM (Spatial Light Modulator) that met spec. The first version that seemed like it might actually work turned out to get damaged by the 488nm-wavelength laser light we use to illuminate our sample...)
(So after a couple week's happy work, we started noticing ghosting in the display...)
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