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Yay, I finally have dragons.
< Syk>
< Syk>
everyone needs more dragons
I also have elemental damage/resistances now.
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17:08 * celticminstrel makes charts in Excel of monster and item distribution according to level. It's interesting!
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Heh, I just tried throwing a cursed weapon. Not only does it heal the enemy if it hits, it's not restricted to max hitpoints.
So, I now have a snake with 22/15 HP.
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22:23 * ToxicFrog unhappily contemplates config file handling in emufun
So, there's a whole bunch of configuration going on here.
There's the configuration for the program itself, which at present resides in a single file (~/.local/share/love/emufun/emufun.cfg). It may later be split into multiple files.
This controls things like screen resolution, keybindings, media library location (locations? Do I want to support that? Probably. How?)
("emufun" sounds like it should be an entertainment package for large, flightless birds~)
(it was originally a frontend for launching emulators. It's grown into a more general HTPC frontend.)
(that's totally going to be its logo if it ever gets one, though~)
Anyways. At present, program configuration must be hand-edited; emufun writes a sensible default the first time it's run. At some point I want the user to be able to configure it in-program, but that's for later.
There is also a heirarchy of media-specific configurations in the library itself - a .emufun (*nix) or emufun.cfg (windows) file in a directory of the library applies those settings to everything in that directory (and all subdirectories).
And then...there are complications.
For example, I want to be able to provide sensible defaults for all media libraries. A lot of that is just going to be naming of config files and sensible default file classifications.
I don't want the user to have to write this, or include it in the top level of all of their media libraries.
So it goes in the same place as emufun.cfg, I guess, and also gets sensible defaults on first run? What do I call it? Library.cfg?
And how is this handled internally? Right now, each node (representing a file or directory in the library - or virtual command, more on that later) has an associated configuration function.
I'd say library_defaults.cfg, if only because I prefer config files whose naming is a good indicator of what it's for *shrug*
(it's not the defaults after the user edits it, though)
Anyways. With this, the top level node now needs two configuration functions ($LIBRARY/.emufun and $APPDATA/library.cfg). If I support multiple media libraries it only gets uglier.
...actually, I think the underlying problem here is model/view confusion.
A node corresponds to exactly one item in the filesystem with exactly one chain of configuration functions, but may be combined with other nodes in display, or reached from multiple nodes in the UI (for example, EmuFun->All Libraries->Television and EmuFun->Media->Television will both terminate at the same node)
I need to decouple the display of library contents from the representation of those contents in the filesystem.
...I also need a way to handle name collisions across libraries. I think the answer here is to rework it so that when the user asks for, say, /Television, the view asks all of the libraries for root.Television and amalgamates the results from all of them.
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Thank you, #code
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Things I have learnt thought compiling OSS packages, #45: No bugger ever checks the values returned from most of the stdio functions, because they are prats.
23:26 * celticminstrel wonders whether list-style-type: "string" will ever be a thing.
I found it in a draft w3c paper, but no browsers support it.
...well. I shouldn't say that without testing, probably.
Firefox doesn't support it, anyway.
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list-style-type: string?
wait, would that give you the ability to specify a particular unicode character or something as the bullet of your list?
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